Federal law requires rabies vaccine for all dogs. Planet Canine requires DHLPP vaccine and bordetella unless we are provided with an exception from your vet. Many older dogs no longer require this vaccine. Check with your vet for further information.

   All dogs must be old enough to have completed their puppy series of shots.This is usually about 12 weeks of age.   

2) NON-AGGRESSIVE DOGS  This can be a tough one. Please be honest. Dogs often behave differently when they are not with their humans; some times better, some times worse. Please let us know anything that might help. Behavior that you might see as aggression can often be normal for a dog. With our years of experience we can help you assess your dog's ability to be with the Pack. Dogs who are too intense or aggressive are separated from the Pack. They still get exercise and attention through-out their stay.  


All dogs over nine (6) months of age must be neutered or spayed in order to be with the pack. We have alternative accommodations for intact male/females.     I know that your intact male or female is very submissive and sweet and you never have a problem with him but a daycare situation is unique. Intact dogs smell differently and may seem to present a threat to the rest of the pack. We cannot bend on this rule, sorry!!  


I am sure we can come up with more rules and such but these are the most important and the rest will follow.