About Us


    PLANET CANINE opened in October 1994. It was inspired by a dog daycare center that was opened by the San Francisco SPCA. Dogs have always been an integral part of our lives and we wanted to create a comfortable, enjoyable place for them to stay and play while their owners were off at work, out to play, or when they just need a break.

    Steve Leeder, the owner of Planet Canine, is THE PACK LEADER. He has been at Planet Canine since 2007 and he is a natural with dogs. With over 13 years of experience, he understands dogs' needs and behavior so your pups will be in attentive, professional, and caring hands.  


    They come to play. They run around. They sleep. They make friends, and at the end of the day they feel happy, loved, and part of a family! 

    Dogs are pack animals and they don't like to be alone. They see you and your family as part of their pack, so when you are away for the day, your dog is at a loss.  Planet Canine offers a second family for your dog to be a part of while you are at work or away on holiday.


    We operate differently from more conventional kennels in that the dogs spend quite a bit of time together, upwards of 8 hours a day. We seek to create an away-from-home pack for your dog to be part of.

    Dogs are supervised when they are in THE PACK. Our staff is on-hand to ensure that your pal gets attention & plays nice. Our purpose at Planet Canine is to allow your dog to be themselves in a safe, caring environment. Water is available in all areas of our establishment, 24 hours a day. As a smaller daycare facility, we rarely accept more than 25 dogs. This means your dog will be more comfortable and receive the attention he/she deserves! 

    Due to popular demand, Planet Canine also board dogs overnight.  We have several different sleeping accommodations depending on your dog's temperament and training.  All dogs eat and sleep separately unless they are from the same household.  All of our sleeping areas are indoors.


    Our location is a 1500 sq. ft. converted warehouse with an attached yard. Our outdoor play yard is 15’ x 125’ overall. Additionally, the play yard is fully fenced with 16’ cyclone fencing. We are able to separate this area into two play yards should the need arise. For example, we often separate larger dogs from smaller dogs. We use pine shavings which are easy on the dog’s feet, sanitary, and fun to play in.  Play structures include igloos for hiding out, a slide, and of course, an authentic fire hydrant. Play pools are available during hot weather. Dogs have access to both indoor and outdoor areas during group time.