For bedding, we use soft, cushy, rugs, and blankets. Occasionally, a night-time tug-o-war might ensue. Cedar and foam beds go home in plastic bags more often than not. Should you insist on using your home bed, we will do our best to give it back to you in one piece, but we cannot guarantee it's safety. Some humans provide a pre-worn t-shirt for their pup to sleep with. The familiar scent can be a comfort for newcomers at bedtime. 

New Dogs on the Block

New dogs are introduced gently to the group situation. We do this after you have left the building because dogs react differently when their human is around. It is easier on the both of you if we introduce to the Pack after you have departed. Not to worry though, we keep an eye out for physical cues of stress throughout your pup's day. If your dog does show signs of stress, we will slow things down for him/her. For very shy dogs, it can take more than one visit to feel completely comfortable. If we feel it is not the proper setting for your dog we will not hesitate to tell you. The comfort and care of your pup is our first priority. 


Playing with toys is a limited activity. Night-time toys are welcome, but as with beds, their safety cannot be guaranteed. Dogs are pack animals and they are quite happy playing in a group without the distraction and competition of toys. 

What's for Dinner?

Our rates include food and bedding, though you are welcome to bring your own food should  you choose. Our House brand is Diamond Natural, an excellent, all natural line of dog foods containing no wheat, no corn, no soy and no by-products. Dogs are fed twice daily. We have a refrigerator for storing special foods and medications and are willing and able to accommodate most special needs dogs.